This week, 19 young peace and conflict researchers will meet at Lichtenfels for discussing their doctoral projects. The cooperation with the GGS Augsburg allows for an additional session on “Strengthening self-care and self-confidence during the doctoral research phase”.

Our research network holds its first workshop for PhD candidates of Peace and Conflict research in Bavaria, from 26-28 October 2023 at the Franken-Akademie in Lichtenfels. The workshop is organized by the Chair of Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Augsburg and kicks-off more substantive and collegial networking of peace and conflict researchers in Bavaria who are in different phases of their PhD. With the participation of post-docs from our research network, individual doctoral projects will be intensively discussed, spaces for networking and exchange will be created, and the topic of “Strengthening self-care and self-confidence during the doctoral research phase” will be addressed in a focused three-hour workshop unit.

The participants represent different disciplines in the context of interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict research and come from eight Bavarian universities and research institutes.

The workshop is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the Conflicts.Meanings.Transitions network. Through the cooperation with the Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences (GGS) of the University of Augsburg, the workshop unit “Strengthening self-care and self-confidence during the doctoral research phase” can be realized under the guidance of Dr. Sarah Weber.

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