Knowledge Dissemination into society and Politics

In its interdisciplinary bridging function between academia, politics and society, the Regional Center for Peace and Conflict Research provides target group-specific transfer of peace and conflict research expertise into different fields of practice.

The Transferzentrum Frieden Augsburg has now been established in the City of Peace Augsburg in cooperation with the City of Augsburg. It uses various formats and forms of cooperation to transfer expertise from peace and conflict research into the practical fields of the City of Peace. This includes public events, such as the Postkoloniale Friedensstadt project, but also educational and training opportunities, such as the annual Peace Summer School or a series of workshops in July 2024 on the topic of conflict transformation in everyday life, as well as scientific support for local projects, such as the Trialogical Transfer of Conflict Expertise project.

In October 2022, our Bayreuthian members, within the new network for Peace and Conflict Research@UBT, initiated the lecture series Bayreuth Peace Talks. Alternating between lectures on campus and in the Bayreuth city center, our speakers will provide insights for both broad academic audiences as well as the general public.