The network aims at fostering sustainable cooperation within Peace and Conflict Research in Bavaria. For this purpose, the existing cooperation will be intensified and a center for regional networking and transfer will be established.

The center is dedicated to networking in Bavaria on three levels: research, teaching & promotion of young scholars, and knowledge transfer.


In the coming years, we aim to deepen the collaboration of peace and conflict researchers within the region, among other things by organizing several workshops and furthering interdisciplinary cooperation, also beyond the thematic area of Conflicts.Meanings.Transitions.

The research network facilitated the creation of the new mailing list “Peaceandconflict-Bayern.” It allows colleagues within the region to share news, event annoucements, and ideas for collaboration. You can subscribe by sending a brief message to

For the various collaborative efforts, we are also in contact with the Bavarian Initiative for Peace and Conflict Research, organized by the Universität Bayern e.V.

Teaching & promotion of young scholars

Exchange and cooperation in the development of practice-oriented teaching concepts in Peace and Conflict Research will be promoted and the networking of teachers in the research network strengthened, among other things for the cooperative development of teaching formats and sequences for university courses as well as for educational work based outside universities.

In order to anchor Peace and Conflict Research more broadly in Bavaria, the networking and interdisciplinary exchange of doctoral students in the field of Peace and Conflict Research is promoted, for example by organizing open workshops aimed at researchers of different qualification levels.

Knowledge transfer into society and politics

In its interdisciplinary bridging function between academia, politics and society, the Regional Center for Peace and Conflict Research provides target group-specific transfer of peace and conflict research expertise into different fields of practice.

Our network members from the Peace City Augsburg are part of several local initiatives, including the annual Peace Summer School Augsburg, a project for the trialogical transfer of conflict expertise and a project on postcolonial perspectives on the Peace City.

In October 2022 our Bayreuthian members formed the Network for Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Bayreuth and launched the series ” Bayreuth Peace Talks“.