The Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) is currently holding is Annual Conference „(Re-)Ordering Eastern Europe“ (12-13 October 2023) at Regensburg. As keynote speaker, Martin Müller (University of Lausanne) engaged with the topic „Decolonising decolonialism: worlding global theory with Eastern Europe.“

Jana Hönke (University of Bayreuth and member of Conflicts.Meanings.Transitions) was part of the subsequent roundtable, aiming for a multidisciplinary conversation. Her fellow co-speakers included Peter Bugge (University of Aarhus), Anne Brüske (University of Regensburg), and Oleksandr Zabirko (University of Regensburg). The session was chaired by Cindy Wittke (IOS).

The roundtable reflected the IOS‘ multidisciplinary approach, ranging from history, economics and political science to anthropology, law, and political geography. The participants in the discussion also represented different regional foci in their research and writing.